Response email time can't be specified. Note the ringtone. For inquiries, please include in the booking message
A deposit is currently required for Kanagawa (5000yen) and the Narita (10000yen) for first time.
Payment due date is within two days. Please let me know if payment is delayed.
If no deposit is sent, the reservation will be cancelled.
 No refund in case of cancellation.
Method of payment :  Amazon JP gift card Email type .


×Without a protection. (excluding oral) non-negotiable. 

×Anal play (Including rimming, in fingers)

×Ride car, Playing in public, Dom or Sub, SM, Grab hair/Strangle my neck/ Bite my nipple and Pull strongly. Voyeur (Don't point the camera)

×Chat App or Phone, Email relationship, introduce girls. Request to send photo's.

×I can't discount.

×Cancellation on the day or Multiple times. 

Please Notes
- Time will start from the promised time If you late.
3P is for couples only (Escort Girl 3P is Only for  repeater or another escort girl repeater).
If Love Hotel ,We can meet indoor. If you do not specify, I recommend HOTEL 1.10,1(Hotel BISU Us) MAP

If the first time, Please make register from 'Booking' until the day before.

  I usually live my daily life as an ordinary. Please wait 24 hours for a reply.

Welcome everyone who follow the rules and have respect.

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AVAILABLE YOKOHAMA, YOKOSUKA, Chiba station, Funabashi

Near Tokyo AREA. Not Available Narita, Other area.

Chiba station, funabashi




Only in areas near Tokyo.

10 - 11 PM finish.

Yokohama, Machida, Minato mirai, Zama

+5.000 yen /50$ 

11 PM finish.

Atugi,Hachio-ji ,Yokosuka

+7.000 yen /70$ 


Deposit 5000yen required for first time.

 10 PM finish.


+20.000 yen /200$ 

Deposit 10000yen required for first time.

12 PM to 7 PM finish.

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