Reservations: Required 1 day in advance. 


×Without a protection. (excluding oral) non-negotiable, Anal play.

×Painful, Playing in public, SM, light choking, hair pulling, Bite nipple ,Pull nippule, No take picture or video.

×Chat App, Phone, Email relationship, any photo request.

​×Cancellation on the day or Multiple times. 

×I don't introduce girls, shops or restaurants.

If you wish to violate the rules and no respect,I will not be able to accept reservations and response.

Cancellation policy
If you will cancel, Please let me know as soon as possible. 
If you cancel without notice, I will not be able to make other reservations, so it will be very troublesome for others.

If you cancel the day before, you will need a 10% deposit on your next booking(Amazon gift card or Paypal)
In case of cancellation on the day, will be required to pay the 100% amount.
Cancellation without contact will never accept to reservation.
If you push or force to prohibitions act , the service will be stop and no refund.


Please Notes
- Time will start from the promised time If you late.
3P is for couples only .
If Love Hotel ,We can meet only indoor. 

Recommend LH.  HoteL PASHA GROUP Shinjyuku 
*Check the link below for location and room rates.*

If the first time, Please make register from Reservations: Required 1 day in advance.

 Please wait 24 hours for a reply.


​Camellia Marie



AVAILABLE YOKOHAMA, YOKOSUKA, Chiba station,Saitama, Funabashi, Narita
Near Tokyo AREA. Distant location from the list is not available.
For areas other than Tokyo, a deposit for transportation expenses is required only for the first time(paypal)

Chiba station, funabashi,Saitama,Haneda


Only in areas near Tokyo.

10 - 11 PM finish.

Yokohama, Machida,Minato mirai, Zama, 

+5.000 yen /50$ 

11 PM finish.

Atugi,Hachio-ji ,Yokosuka

+7.000 yen /70$ 

 10 PM finish.


+30.000 yen /200$ 

12 noon to 7 PM finish.

Complete booking 2 days in advance.A deposit of 30,000 yen is required(Paypal)