Shower time is included. The customer pays the Love hotel. Dinner. Available  12PM to 12 AM midnight  finish.It is possible to book after hours.But taxi fare is required.

When we get to room ,Please pay the full fees. ONLY Cash  ¥$£€.
After 12AM-5AM ( Midnight)is A round trip taxi fare will be added. About one way from 5000¥-10000¥(50$-100$) In TOKYO area​
I do not  offer Anal play and rimming each other, ride car,Playing in public, Anal in fingers for me. Bareback, dominant or Submission. I only use email when making reservations and meeting. No use whatsApp, Line, Skype chats ,phone. Just daily conversation exchange is not available.If using a smartphone, do not camera on me to prevent voyeurism. 
GFE No shot limit. Shower time included.
1 hour...... 40.000 yen / 400$
90 minutes ..... 53.000yen /530$
2 hours ...... 60.000 yen / 600$ 
3 hours ...... 90.000 yen / 900$
6hours ...... 180.000yen / 1800$
8hours ......240.000yen /2400$
Cocktails 3 hours (90 minutes for Cocktails or meals)......75.000 yen /750$
Dinner 5 hours (2 hours for dinner )......100.000 yen / 1000$
Overnight 8 hours or Dating  ......200.000 yen / 2000$. If you no sleep , choose the GFE 8 hours course
BDSM overnight 8 hours 300.000yen /3000$
3P  couple only(Escort Girl 3P is only for repeater or another escort girl's repeater)...... GFE fees+10000yen per girl.
Extend GFE per hour ......+30.000 yen /300$
​If specification for dating clothes, shoes, please purchase then bring them.  Cosplay fee +3,000¥ / 30$ required.
Yokohama, Machida, Minato mirai, Zama, Atugi, Hachio-ji ,Yokosuka......+5000 yen /50$  available  12 PM to 10 11 PM finish.
Haneda ......+10.000 yen /100$
Not available Narita area.Repeater is possible for GFE+30000 yen /300$. Please reservation 2 days ago (GFE end time until 8 :30PM finish)
You can also just date. (GFE fee) Customer will pays admission, transportation and food and drink during the date.
Please make a week's allowance for 3P reservations with Escort Girl


High heels (Black or Red or Gold) ,Pantyhose (Black or Nude), Stocking (Fishnet or Smooth) ...... 1.000 yen / 10$
Golden shower ...... 10.000 yen /100$
Negligee ,Body stocking , High heel set (Garter belt included), Whole lingerie , Baby doll , French maid , Nurse , Oiran , Office lady , School girl , Sailor suit ...... 3.000 yen /30$
Toys ...... 3.000 yen/30$
Photo (Take out plan. Only naked body parts 10 shots) No video...... 30.000 yen /300$ .
Photo session ( Can't take out )...... Free cosplay NEW
*Bring your camera and take a picture with my SD card. You can't take out photos. Post on my Instagram etc.* Please request
Bondage and Mistress can Leather outfit only use BDSM play.Please bring other costumes yourself that are not on the list.  Cosplay fee +3,000¥ / 30$ required.


Extra charge : Hotel expenses during the stay other than overnight. Airplane, SHINKANSEN ,Bus, or train,

​Travel courses in Japan .Trip course for several days dating plan.

We leave Tokyo and return to Tokyo together.This course to travel with you. It's not GFE Delivery.

*Delivery is possible to only the repeater.*

If traveling in Japan, please buy returning tickets by customers. 

All date and time, thank you for payment in cash in when we met first the full amount.

It is okay with the currency of your country.

The time includes GFE and travel. This  course for a trip that includes overnight.

1 night ( 9 hours ) ...... 250.000 yen /2500$

2 night (18 hours ) ......450.000 yen /4500$

Extend Dating 1 hour ......+5000 yen/ 50$

Extend GFE 1 hour ......+30.000 yen / 300$

School girl 2
OL 3000¥
Red High heel 1000¥
Oiran 3000¥
Available in BDSM courses
Fishnet or smooth stockings 1000¥
Body stocking 3000¥
OL 3000¥
Pantyhose Black/Skin color 1000¥
Baby doll 3000¥
Nurse 3000¥
China dress 3000¥
High heel 1000¥
Ninjya 3000¥
Garter Built High heel set 3000¥
Leather 3000¥
Fishnet body stocking 3000¥
Bondage 3000¥
Sailor suit 3000¥
School girl 3000¥
French maid 3000¥
Knee socks 1000¥
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Fishnet or smooth stockings 1000¥