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  • I haven't receive a response from Booking form or message from escort girls search message box.
    Usually I reply within 24 hours. Please check again your email address or Spam mail box. Please check the notes to make sure you are following the rules. If you think there is a problem, please contact me again. I am afraid but for safety reasons, I don't support from external message form or sometimes miss it mixed with advertisement. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I will waiting from the My HP's mail form.(Other than spam and rule violators) I do not be able to accept after reception deadline,unavailable date ,discounts and negotiations, using a different name a reservation over and over again , Libido from violent or dominant or harassment, rule breaking, no respect, Agency, sales, phishing,Ignoring prohibitions. VPNs and proxies cannot distinguish between mischief and may not be able to respond sometime. Welcome bookings from gentleman who keep my safe.
  • Do we need towels in the room? What if I have already taken a shower before you arrive?
    Yes. Please prepare two washed towels. Please take a shower with me. shower play is included in the time. Please wash penis after the toilet for blow job.
  • I'm worry about STDs or COVID-19.
    I finished the vaccine fourth times. Moderna and Pfizer.
  • Where do you doraw the line? Can I play without protection?
    Simple. If you force play without a protection, I will stop the service immediately if you are violent, profane, or discriminatory towards me. I will not refund your payment. I will leave and police.
  • Do you drink alcohol?
    Yes, I like wine or cocktail. But I don't drink strong alchol. (Tequila, vocka, whiskey,etc.)
  • Can I kiss your kitty and everywhere? Can I Spanking Your hips?
    Almost OK. Please don't lick my face and ears. Please don't put kiss marks. I enjoy spanking to my hip or for men. Please make it light and painless.
  • Do you provide to me orally? COF, Facial, Gokkun"
    Orally and COF is Yes, let me know the first if you need a protection by oral. Facial is Yes, Only to below the eyes. I can not Gokkun.
  • I'm virgin. I use escort survice for the first time. I am very fat.
    Welcome! Let's enjoy and don't be nervous. I will guide you. But what you want to do is please tell me during play. ( lick kitty ,ask blow job, 69 position, etc.)
  • What kind of payment to you take?
    Please pay in full cash in advance when I arrived. Please pay the exact amout. I don't have enough change. I also have Paypal, but It's usually ask for cash payment. Paypal fee will be added.
  • Do I need to bring my protections?
    I have S,M L size. Please bring if you need a favorite brand. Protrusions on warts is hurt to me when rubbed, so please chose smooth when you bring them. If LL or LLL size, it's hard to find in Japan, so it would be helpful if you could bring it . Japanese condoms are a little tight.
  • Can you come outside of Tokyo?
    I can go Tokyo,Yokohama,Yokosuka Chiba station and near Tokyo.Near Saitama. Please check Playtime page area and additional fee and time.
  • How to book a love hotel? Can we meet outside or at the station?
    Love hotel reservations are not required. Basically, we will meet in the lobby or a chair inside, and then select a room together from the panel. If you can choose a room yourself and wait in room, Please let me know the room number after choosing the room. I do not accept for security reasons meeting to stand outside.
  • Let me know girls for 3P. Recommend other girls when you are not available.
    I'm not an agency, so I don't able to introduce girls. Also I can't responsible for other girls booking. Please make a contack yourself and ask them rules and schedule. 3P only for couple.
  • Can I pay the full amount by credit card or Paypal? or Is there a way to avoid paying the deposit? I can't use my PayPal account.
    Only small amounts are accepted online. I apologize for the inconvenience, but please have cash ready. Without a deposit, false reservations will be made repeatedly, causing inconvenience to those who really want to make a reservation. So, Booking always ask for a deposit for first time. There are no other payment methods available other than PayPal. If it is not available, you cannot make a reservation.No negotiate. Thank you for your cooperation.
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