What do I do if here is no reply to e-mail?

Usually reply within 24 hours. Please check again that your email address is correct.This is Question form. This is reservation form.

Please use only from the mail form first time. And please check if my mail is in your spam mail box.

If no response after 1 days, please resend with another email address such as gmail. 

Please give me a phone number to meet.

I can't use the phone , Line, WhatsApp, Skype. Only mail is available. Please confirm your email at the time of I arrival for outcall to the business hotel.

Do we need towels in the room?

Yes.Please prepare two washed towels.

What if I have already taken a shower before you arrive?

Please take a shower with me. Shower play is included in the time.

Can I pull your hair? Can I bite or pinch your nipples? What points do you think I should be careful about?Do you offer anal play or toilet play?

You can not that .Don't my neck strangle.I can not SM and painful play.I do not engage in anal licking each other or anal play, and I do not touch faeces or urine. And It would help me if you could cut your nails for me. No touch hair and no lick ears for the next customer.

I am worried about STDs.

I go to  an STD clinic every month.The result of the test is posted on Twitter.

I'm looking for a Japanese girl friend or Sexy friend or Marriage partner.

I have a girlfriend course from 3 days 550.0000 yen and If you would monthly contract, Please ask for the girl friend price or wife course price.

Where do you draw the line? Can I play without protection?

Simple. If you force play without a protectionI will stop the service immediately if you are violent, profane, or discriminatory towards me. I will not refund your payment. I will leave and call the police. No refunds.

Do you drink alcohol?

Yes. I like wine.  But I do not drink strong alcohol (tequila, vodka, whiskey, etc.)

Do you provide to me orally?

Yes, Let me know first if you need a protection by oral.

Please show me another photos.Can you show your nipples,pussy, face,new photo?

I can't give photos. I exchange my photos within 6 months to a year.

Please look at PORTRAITS. Photos are also posted on the Twitter. That is the newest thing

I am virgin. I use escort for the first time. I am very big.

Welcome ! Let's enjoy without being nervous.


What is your cancellation policy?

Please be sure to contact me when you know that you can not come. If canceled within 24 hours, the next reservation will be charged 50%.If you do not contact me for cancellation, will not be able to make a reservation again.

What kind of payment to you take?

Please pay in full cash in advance when I arrived. It will be helpful if you put it in the envelope .Please pay the exact amount. I don't have enough change.

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