Frequently asked questions

I haven't receive a response from Question or Booking form.

Uselly reply within 24 hours. Please check again your email address or Spam mail box. If you don't receive a reply after waiting for a day, please make sure gmail recive your email.

Can you chat or use phone? Send me your photos or costumes. I want to just daily email or chat exchange or free meeting.

Reservation method is email only. I have my photos only HP or Twitter. I afraid but I don't.

Do we need towels in the room? What if I have already taken a shower before you arrive?

Yes. Please prepare two towels. Please take a shower with me. shower play is included in the time.

I'm worry about STDs or COVID-19.

I go to regular COVID-19 and STD test. Result is post on my Twitter.

Where do you doraw the line? Can I play without protection?

Simple. If you force play without a protection, I will stop the service immediately if you are violent, profane, or discriminatory towards me. I will not refund your payment. I will leave and police. If you try to negotiate, I will be block your email and take certain measures.

Do you drink alcohol?

Yes, I like wine or cocktail. But I don't drink strong alchol. (Tequila, vocka, whiskey,etc.)

Can I kiss your kitty and everywhere? Can I Spanking Your hips?

Almost OK. Please don't lick my face and ears. Please don't put kiss marks. I enjoy spanking. But please make it light and painless.

Do you provide to me orally? COF, Facial, Gokkun

Orally and COF is Yes, let me know the first if you need a protection by oral. Facial is Yes, Only to below the eyes. I can not Gokkun.

I'm virgin. I use escort survice for the first time. I am very fat.

Welcome! Let's enjoy and don't be nervous. I will guide you. But what you want to do is please tell me during play. ( lick kitty ,ask blow job, 69 position, etc.)

What is your cancellation policy?

Please be sure to contact me when you know that you can not come. If canceld on the day, the next reservation will be 100% fee required. If you cancel the day before , Next booking will required a deposit of 5000yen. If you cancel without email on the day, you will not be able to make a reservation again.

What kind of payment to you take?

Please pay in full cash in advance when I arrived. It will be helpful if you put in the envelope. Please pay the exact amout. I don't have enough change.

Do I need to bring my protections?

I have S,M L size. Please bring if you need a favorite brand.

Can you come outside of Tokyo?

I can go Tokyo,Yokohama,Yokosuka Chiba station and near Tokyo. Please check Playtime page area and additional fee and time.