My name is Marie.   I am a typical Japanese. I am polite and calm personality. Approach you with a smile.

My skin is smooth and silky, with no tattoos or body piercings.My hair falls down to my breasts which are enhanced for your pleasure, adding curves to my long-legged and slender frame.

I have soft eyes, to gaze up at you as I take you into my mouth; and a warm smile, to greet you as you return from ecstasy.

Available time is 12PM-12AM (until finish time) . It is a complete reservation system. I am not prepared and waiting.Please complete the reservation by the day before. The  reservation Form. I cannot use the phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Line. Contact form is here.


Age: It’s impolite to ask, but if you must know, I am in my   36years old. Birthday is October.

Height: 163 cm (5’ 3”)B96(H75) W63 H88 Shoes 24cm(Size US 7/EU 37  1/2)

Languages: Japanese (Native), English (Conversational) *I am not fluent English speaker


I have no tattoos. I have no body piercings other than my ears.

My breasts are perfectly enhanced.



2020 January 2:Portraits

December 29 Gifts page

December 21 TOP page Christmas photo

November 08/2019: new photos /PORTRAITS

July17/2019: Playtime option/Mistress,school girl


July17/2019:BDSM page photo

Jun 2/2019:Add Play room Option.

Eye mask and Polaroid photos OP.

Mar 23 /2019:TOKYO TOUR

NOV 26 / 2018 : PORTRAITS

NOV 01 /2018 : HP New Open!

I always implement my own personality into our time together to build a close apport. We will hold hands and chat about our lives, easing towards more intimate pillow talk as we both sense a rising undercurrent of sensual desire and sexual hunger.Naturally, the experience varies from date to date. Perhaps you don’t want the same things each time we share our secret connections of bodies and minds.

I will use my skills as a woman to pick up on what you want and enjoy, and you will use your skills as a man to guide my hands, my mouth, my body. Moment by moment, act by act, you allow me to lead you and I allow you to take the lead.

I hope that you are like me; reliable and respectful, clean and discrete, open-minded and deeply sexual.

Camellia Japan Tokyo Escort  ©2018 Marie 

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